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Yuriy’s Testimony

01 - January 2015 (Rehab)

A photo of Zhenya’s growing family

Hello, my name is Yuriy; I am 38 years old man who was born and raised in Kharkov, where Slavic Christian Ministries is headquartered. As a child, I grew up in a fairly common family – my father drank, but wasn’t an alcoholic. As I grew up, I began smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, smoked marijuana, and popped various pills, in an attempt to get high from the drugs. As I grew older, my drug habit morphed in to harder drugs, like opium.

After I met my future wife, I quit using drugs for the sake of my new family, but somehow, my wife came under the bad influence of her “so-called” friends and started using amphetamine. She has been addicted for seven years. Eventually, my resistance to abstain from drugs was lowered and I fell back into a destructive pattern, so I decided to enter myself into this drug rehabilitation center, where I met Zhenya, Ron’s ministry partner.

Since entering this rehabilitation center, I have met God, been studying my Bible, and I have been learning much about my newfound faith in Jesus. Zhenya is constantly reminding me to filter my life through the Scriptures for practical application and how to live in Christ’s freedom. I have discovered that meditating on God’s Word always helps me, inspires me, and brings me to a point of truth and grace.

My hope, prayer, and goal for my future is to complete my rehabilitation process and never return to my old life-style ever again. Now that I have accepted Christ as my Savior, I also want to get baptized in order to make a covenant with God and commit my life to Jesus, since he died on the cross for my sake. Once I am restored, I would like to also work with other drug addicts, so they can overcome their disease, know Christ as Savior, and have a better life. Please pray for me that God will me the strength me and give me the patience and time to grow in my faith.

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