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Yulia Gets To Go Home!

Orphans we serve in Krasnakutsk orphanage.

Orphans we serve in Krasnakutsk orphanage.

“My name is Yulia and I am 13 years old. The government took me away from my Dad and since then, I have lived in many orphanages. I want to live with my dad, but the government won’t let me go back to him. It makes me very sad and I am overwhelmed and scared that I will not be able to go home ever again. Since being taken away from my dad, I was able to live with three different foster families, but for some reason, they always sent me back to the orphanage. Of course, this made me sad and angry too. Why can’t I go home?

Pastor Vova (our SCM director) spoke with me in trust God in my situation and he prayed with me that a miracle would happen and that I would be able to go home to my dad.”

I have more good news to report – since receiving this testimony, the government changed their mind and they have allowed Yulia to go home to her dad! All she wanted in life was to be reunited with her father and God answered pastor Vova’s prayer! I don’t know what happened with her home situation and where her mother is located, but I thank God she gets to go home to her father!

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