Pointing People to Christ


At Slavic Christian Ministries, we understand that the ultimate aim is for people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. That being said, we strive to emulate Christ’s love to a lost and broken world. Jesus came to redeem people back into a relationship with him. Our ministries aim is to share Jesus’ message and give each person an opportunity to accept him into their heart as their Redeemer. We believe one vital component to this possibility is your sincere and sacrificial efforts while on your trip.

On a short-term mission trip, we encourage you to share your individual testimony of how you became a Christian and how your life was eternally changed. You may or may not see people repent while on your trip (most trips see people saved), but you can rest assured and celebrate the fact that God has chosen you to be his witness and participant in helping fulfill the Great Commission that is commanded of us in Matthew 28!

Long after your return back home to America, our local community partners will continue to invest in the lives of those with whom you have touched while in Ukraine. By sacrificially giving of your time, resources, and prayers, we believe that many more people will be loved into the Kingdom of God!