Packing List

Must have’s:

* Bible
* Washcloth, hand towel and light bath towel
* Appropriate clothing for orphanage, churches, etc.
* Medical Information and medications; glasses prescription
* Journal
* Sleep aide (Tylenol PM, etc.)
* Watch
* Bug Spray
* Swim Suit
* Hand Sanitizer (have a smaller size also to refill and carry with you)
* Money belt, passport holder, and/or fanny pack
* Plastic coffee mug if you drink coffee
* Empty plastic water bottle; to refill from larger bottled water container; (bring one that has an attached lid or spout).
* American candy to share with whomever
* Immodium AD, plus additional OTC meds you might need
* Travel size wet-wipes; to wash up when needed (several packs)
* Toiletries (pack your tooth brush, toothpaste and wet-wipes in your carry-on)
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Spending money for souvenirs
* Don’t forget your passport and airline tickets!
* Small photo album filled with your photos to share
* Any small “gifty” stuff you want to cram in your suitcase (prepackaged food, lotions)
* Devotion to share for group devotions in the morning

Suggested additional :

* Snack food you might crave
* anti-bacterial zipped pillow cover
* ear plugs
* travel size Kleenix
* chapstick
* camera
* Granola bars or “instant energy” type snack food
* travel pillow for airplane

Leave at home:

* Nice clothes (you might feel compelled to leave some of your clothing there!)
* Expensive jewelry
* Anything that would devastate you if lost, stolen, or given away