Connecting Cultures


Bringing cultures together can be very rewarding and exciting for everyone involved. Slavic Christian Ministries seeks to stimulate a positive experience for everyone involved by bringing people together for mutual encouragement, edification, and spiritual blessings.

Mission Team Members – Short-term missionaries are almost always changed by their experience on a trip. Our trip participants are usually changed by interacting with others from a foreign land and sensing how active God is in these areas of ministry. It often revitalizes one’s faith in Jesus and helps develop one of our missionaries into world Christians that are kindred with God’s heart for the lost, hurting, and needy.

Partner Communities – The communities are changed by mission teams’ work projects and our focus on relationships and evangelism –something emphasized throughout the trips. God brings hope and encouragement to the people in these communities as friendships are developed and people are saved. One of our goals is to create a sense of value and hope in the hearts of those we serve.

As you will discover from your short-term mission trip is that this trip allows for a connecting point where you will build relationships and impact people directly through your efforts. Past short-term missionaries have continued to give their time, resources and prayers because of the love that has been developed between people.

Slavic Christian Ministries prays that you will become a champion of the ministry, who expands this vision in your home church, and helps support the ministry with donations and prayer so we can continue to reach more and more lives for Jesus Christ.