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Who was Blessed the Most?

This summer we had 23 short-term missionaries come and minister to orphans, different Christian churches, people in a hospital, some of our English students at a picnic area, and they presented two seminars. From the feedback I have heard from Ukrainians and Americans, I don’t know who was more blessed, the missionaries or the Ukrainians. Several of the missionaries said that this trip was “life altering and has blessed them tremendously.” But as I survey what these missionaries accomplished, the Ukrainians were very blessed too!

The missionaries worked extremely long hours (between 12-16 hours every day), but everyone was filled with joy as they saw the Lord move in their midst. There were between 50-75 people who made professions of faith; many of them orphans. The two orphanage directors appreciated us so much that SCM has now hired one permanent orphanage worker and we are looking to hire a second orphanage worker in the next few weeks.

One of the conferences that was presented was a MOPS conference (Mothers of Preschoolers). This was an exciting conference because we had the opportunity to introduce MOPS to Ukraine. There were between 150 – 200 people from about 30 different churches who were in attendance. A lovely couple from Russia traveled three days by car just to be our guest speakers. Because of everyone’s involvement, it was a huge success.

We are now dialoging with pastors about this ministry, and we will hopefully begin eight MOPS groups before December. Please pray for open doors and hearts as we proceed forward.


SCM is organizing another pastors conference this upcoming October. We are sponsoring a ministry from San Diego called Family Discipleship Ministries.

Just as their name implies, they minister to families by providing educational resources that help them become more Christlike within their family unit. Please pray that this conference and the subsequent course will be a grand success. Currently, we have three churches already signed-up to take this new course in the fall.

SCM also has branched out to multiple denominations with our courses. They include a conglomeration of non-denominational churches, Baptists, Pentecostals, and perhaps a Calvary Chapel and a couple Messianic Jewish congregations.

We will be providing each church the opportunity of having two of our four ministries. They are English evangelism, Theology, Family Discipleship, and MOPS. And don’t forget we are now engaging in on-going orphan ministry too.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. I hope you can see that God is moving in Ukraine and through our ministry!

Ron Putnam

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