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What is the Holy Bible?

Children at Chugyev Orphanage, who have never even heard of the Bible.


Chuygev orphanage is a small orphanage about a 20 minute drive south of Kharkov. It is only about 16 children, but it had been a blessing to minister to them. The children range from six to fifteen years old. It is a very poor orphanage, which often has very sick children that need to be quarantined because of health issues. When that happens, no one from outside the orphanage is allowed to minister to these kids. We tried to minister to these kids for about a year, off and on. It was much more difficult to get a weekly schedule with these kids, for some reason. Then without any reason, the orphanage shut their doors to all Christian workers.

When SCM workers did have opportunities to minister here, they would love on the kids, play with them, engage in crafts, counsel them, and would teach them various Sunday school subjects, including subjects like what is the “Holy Bible.”

Can you imagine that over half of the kids had no idea of what the Bible was! They had no idea that it even existed or anything about its contents!

Now you can see what we are so distressed that the orphanage director has stopped our biblical investment in these kids. If they have no concept of what is the Bible, we have much work to do!

They already have nothing and no hope for a bright future and we can no longer love on these kids … horrible turn of events. At the very least they deserve God’s Word to they have the opportunity to know the truth. Please pray with the downturn of the economy, they will open back up to our request to minister here.

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