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Lada visiting an injured Ukrainian soldier at the hospital.

When I go to the military hospital, I often try to encourage the wounded and see if they are open to talking about what happened to them or if they want me to share my Christian testimony with them. As you can imagine, some will talk, but most don’t want to discuss the horrible things they saw in war. I often ask them if they know God or read their Bible. Most of them say the same thing, “I know God, I have a Gideon Bible that was given to me, but I have no time to read it.”

Most of the time, these men are polite, but they are not saved. I just try my best to show the love of Christ and look for opportunities to share the Good News. Their injuries are many and varied. Each person has a different story, but in some ways, they are all very similar; injured, needing Jesus as Savior, but most don’t see the necessity of salvation.

One interesting story I learned during my visit is that one of the injured soldiers talked about how there was one Christian that was trying to witness to the others in his unit. They used to laugh at him, so he eventually just put his Bible in a tent and made it a holy place where any of his friends could go and read it at any time. It so happened that a shell hit near them, killing several of the men, but the table with the Bible remained was intact and unharmed. A story of God’s faithfulness to the holy things of God!

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