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Vova’s Ministry Update

Vova, our ministry director in Ukraine has had a wonderful evangelism-filled summer. He wanted me to share this brief update with you:

This summer I have engaged in many evangelistic activities, which includes preaching, showing Christian films, visiting people and praying for them. I would like to tell you about two events. During one of our evangelistic outreaches I had one hundred and ninety men (approximately fifty non-believers) who came together. This event, like so many others, included my sermon, showing a Christian film, singing songs and inviting people to Jesus and the local church. It was wonderful to see God encouraging Christians and opening the hearts of non-Christians.

I also have been evangelizing within local hospitals. As is often the case in cancer wards, the people are despondent and initially not open for conversation. But we have enjoyed seeing the blessing of ministering to these people. During one of our outreaches we began showing God’s love to the people and listening to their personal stories. After we interacted with them, their hearts began to melt as we proclaimed God’s love for them and Christ’s salvation. One time recently five men prayed to accept Jesus as Savior. When we left many people thanked us for coming.

Both of these stories reflect my ministry through SCM and my local church. Please keep praying for SCM and our evangelistic efforts. We love you and appreciate you very much in America.

Vova is such a wonderful Christian. We love him very much.

In other news, we are expecting a wonderful kick-off for our September start date. As you may recall, we had ten English courses last year. This year we are doing so much more. Natasha, our English department head, has improved and enhanced our teaching materials and ready to teach these English courses once again. Furthermore, we are beginning five new discipleship courses, beginning between one to three new churches, partnering with a children’s day shelter (pseudo-orphanage), youth program, and publishing our discipleship materials.

Please pray that God will bless our pastor’s luncheon on August 18, 2004. We have invited pastors from all across the Denver-metro area to discuss short-term mission opportunities next summer. Thank you for partnering with us in reaching Ukraine for Christ!

Ron Putnam

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