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Vova’s Joy

2010-04 vova

Vova with eight of the ten orphans who accepted Jesus as Savior.


Hello, my name is Vova, and I am the Ukraine director for Slavic Christian Ministries. One of my duties is to oversee the entire orphanage ministry here in Ukraine. Here is a story that I’m sure you will find encouraging.

As we minister to the children in the orphanages every week, we always teach a story from the Bible. Not long ago, we discussed the Easter story and how Jesus died for our sins. As soon as I began talking about Easter, the kids became very curious. They asked me many questions about Jesus, Easter…and Easter eggs, of course! Clearly they didn’t understand the significance of this holy day, but they were eager to learn. I explained the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection. And if we accept him as our Lord and Savior, his death provides forgiveness of sins. They listened intently to every word.

At the end of a lesson I gave an altar call and asked which children wanted to express their thanks to Jesus by accepting him as their Savior. I am pleased to report that all ten children accepted Jesus that day!

After the prayer, I asked the kids, “Do you know now why we say, ‘Jesus Christ has risen?’” Some of the children responded with a resounding “Yes—because his is alive!”

Driving home, I was pleased with the day’s lesson. Only God knows if these prayers of repentance were from the heart, but one thing I know for sure – God now has full access to work in these little hearts for his glory! I am filled with a huge amount of pleasure and joy!

- Vova Yevsukov, SCM Director

Please continue to pray for the souls of all the orphan children we are trying to reach for our Lord. They need not only your prayers for their salvation, but for love, healing, and a bright future! Please also pray for Vova and all those who help us with our orphan ministry; emotionally, it is a very taxing ministry. There are many joys and many sorrows, too.

On a side note, my wife Katya has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Please pray for her health. Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and financial support. Because of your partnership, lives are being touched every day!

In Jesus’ love,

Ronald David Putnam

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