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Todd Farrington ministering to orphans in Krasnakutsk, Ukraine.

Over the last year, I have spent a good deal of time networking with churches across America. Seeing the Lord open the heart of so many pastors fills me with joy. New friendships are developing and some churches are now considering either vision trips or mission trips through SCM to Ukraine within the next couple of years.

Todd Farrington of Hope Community Church was a recent representative to Ukraine (see Todd in the photo above). My team and I really enjoyed Todd, his pastoral heart, and love for Christ’s kingdom. He connected with many pastors and orphanages, and observed the basic workings of our ministry. Todd wrote,

I am so humbled with the idea that God would use me to do His work. After spending 8 days in Ukraine recently, I am reminded (once again) how big God is! He is so present and at work in this beautiful country… I was able to meet with a number of denomination presidents, pastors and bishops to see what God is doing in Ukraine. We shared prayer requests, and the number one request for each of these leaders was a need for pastors, or help training people to be the pastor of the churches they are starting. Please pray that the people of Ukraine will continue to place their trust in God and continue to do His work. Pray that God will use our new friendships to build His Kingdom. While it is in such a dark place spiritually, God’s presence is so obvious and that is so exciting!

Ron is working hard to bring the gospel to so many in a country that is spiritually dry and dark, but so thirsty for the Good News. Ron’s effort is showing much fruit for the Kingdom. Whether in orphanages, drug rehabilitation centers, or in the many churches and denominations that he is working, everyone was grateful for all the Ron has done and continues to do! It was a real blessing for me, and for Hope Community Church to begin to develop this friendship/partnership with Ron and Slavic Christian Ministries.

Another representative—from the San Diego area—is scheduled to visit Ukraine this June. Like Todd, he too will be researching SCM’s ministry to discern if God might be calling them to bring a team of short-term missionaries to Ukraine next year.

Ron Putnam

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