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Victoria’s time had come

We had a medical outreach in the town of Pervamiesk, which is about one and a half hour drive away from Kharkov. It is a midsized town of approximately 30,000 people. As is usually the case, we do all of the preparation and advertising for the area, but only 25 people showed up for our free medical clinic. The medical team felt this strong impression from the Lord that they were supposed to return back to the same location for a second outreach. A short while later, the medical team returned to Pervamiesk and another 25 people showed up. In all, we had about 50 people in both outreaches, despite distributing 600 flyers. It didn’t produce as much fruit as other outreaches, but don’t tell that to Victoria! During this second outreach, the Lord drew Victoria, a young 18 year old to us. After receiving medical attention, our team spoke to her about the Lord and she yielded her life to Christ as Savior!

Apparently, her mother is a Christian and had been praying for Victoria for years, but she never saw any movement of the Holy Spirit. Apparently, Victoria needed more than words, smiles, and platitudes that people gave her in her past; she needed Christian love, care, concern, and authenticity. But when the sacrificial love of many people traveled long distances “twice,” because of the “burden” the Lord placed upon our staff and medical team, we now see in retrospect that God was still needing us to reach Victoria, so she could respond to the wooing of her eternal Savior.

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