Kharkov Street/Drama/School Evangelism

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Location:Kharkov, Ukraine Maximum number of participants for this location:15Cost:$1,499Potential Trip Dates:10-12 day trips are available in June, July, and October 2015, and in February 2016Work/service project Relational ministry Physical challenge

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Ukraine has a population of about 44 million people. There are two million people who reside in the city of Kharkov (northeast Ukraine), which is the second largest city in Ukraine.

This trip will not work in one location, but will work with several Baptist and non-Denominational church in assisting them with several outreach events. All events are determined on weather, secular school’s openness to allow us to visit them, etc. That being said, this team will engage in evangelism in the streets by distributing tracts and books, drama, mime, outreach in local schools, hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, and at least one orphanage. There should also be time one or two days to minister within a local church too.

If you have interest and would like to discuss opportunities, details, and trip availability, please call us at 719-271-7375 or download and complete the online application and return to our ministry.