Trip Application

Instructions: Online Team Member Applications

Step One for Individuals:
Complete your on-line trip application and make a electronic payment for the registration fee and cost of the trip (depending on the date of your application). You may also download the application and send it to us in the mail with your registration fee and trip cost (depending on the date of your application).

Step One for Team Leaders:
If you are a team leader for a church mission team, you may reserves enough spots for your team for a period of ten days, until each individual has an opportunity to complete his or her application. To reserve a spot the team leader must provide the names of participants and provide a non-refundable registration fee for each team member.

For example, if a team is 12 people, the team leader must provide at the moment of the reservation a credit card payment or check in the amount of $1,200. If an individual is declined by Slavic Christian Ministries (based on information discovered on the application), the individual’s registration fee will be refunded, minus a $50 processing fee.

Step Two:
Within your application, make sure that you complete “ALL” the personal information, including passport, health, and insurance information. Make sure you agree with and sign the statement of faith and medical liability and release waiver. Without signing these pages, you will not be approved for the trip. Make sure you also complete the emergency contact information in case of an emergency.

Step Three:
Go to Slavic Christian Ministries website address ( and location “Your Mission Center.” Please create an account, sign-in, and review all the very important information about your mission trip to Ukraine within this section.

Step Four:
If you do not have a passport, it is imperative that your order one immediately through your local post office or by using a passport agency. Slavic Christian Ministries must have all passport information 30 days prior to your trip departure.

Step Five:
Determine if your current medical insurance will work inside of Ukraine. If no, it is strongly encouraged that you purchase short-term medical insurance for your trip. SCM will not cover any medical costs in case of an emergency, other than trip evacuation insurance on your behalf.

Step Five:
Calendar the dates when your trip amounts are due and owing. Also calendar the dates necessary for you to cancel the trip, in case of a change of plans. Just missing a cancellation date by one day can cost you hundreds of dollars, so please do not miss this date!