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Triple Blessings in Balaklayea

Several weeks ago, some of you may have received my email where I linked the video of an explosion in the town of Balaklayea (about an hour drive south of Kharkov). This is the same town where we have engaged in many past ministry events. Recently, our focus has been more on reaching people in the community through these medical outreach events. We decided to engage in three medical outreaches in this same town.

Pastor Sasha Salfetnikov, the senior pastor in this town, did an amazing job of orchestrating these three outreach events. Each event had medical doctors and nurses, church members volunteering their time to provide guests with free haircuts, the church provided free food, and a worship service. At the time of this outreach, the war was still a distance away from them, and our director spoke to pastor Sasha about possible ways to reach out to refugees, but during that conversation, they had no idea at the time of that outreach that the war would come to their town!

During the second and third outreaches, the format was very similar to the first outreach, with an additional 95 people in attendance, mostly unbelievers. Once again, the church offered free food, Christian evangelistic movies for people to watch in the waiting room, free haircuts, physical therapy, and we served the people with medical consultations and free medication. As was the case village Chkalovskoy, the people were surprised, blessed, and very appreciative by everyone’s sacrificial giving. During these next two events, three people repented and accepted Jesus as their Savior and an additional four or five more people came to the church service the next day. All-in-all, we had three events and three conversions – a triple blessing!

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