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Transcending Culture through Education


SCM theology teacher, Kostya Deneka (l), with Yura Davudov (r), one of our theology students who was deeply impacted by our theology course.


We recently completed teaching my latest theology book, The Way to Intimacy, to three churches in Kharkov. As we were hoping, the book has transcended cultural barriers and is making an impact upon the lives of our students!

The early feedback we are receiving is that this second book is more widely received and accepted than my first book, The Way to Restoration. Despite its recent printing, even people in America have begun studying it and are enjoying the content very much.

In Ukraine, all but one Christian college and Bible institute (that we have spoken with so far) has approved The Way to Intimacy for their student body. If Yura Davudov is any indication of what we can expect, I believe God will use this book as a resource to draw many people closer to him, reach the hearts of many, and help develop their spiritual maturity in Christ. Please read Yura’s testimony below.



My name is Yura, and I minister at Source of Love Church here in Kharkov, Ukraine. When our senior pastor decided to study Ron’s latest book, The Way to Intimacy, within our church, I was not very open to the idea of attending another course—but apparently, God had other plans.

When I hesitantly attended the first lesson, I came with a lack of enthusiasm. In retrospect, I am glad that I suppressed my emotions and came to the class anyway, because God touched my heart in amazing ways beginning with the very first class.

Week after week, I anxiously awaited the next lesson and eagerly anticipated what new topic I would study for my spiritual development. Each subject was interesting, spiritually important to my walk with Christ, and taught me necessary things for my spiritual development. I was especially drawn to the topics of prayer, meditation, and fasting.

I had previously attended Bible school and I had learned many important things during that period of time. But without a doubt, I have learned more from Ron’s book and course than I ever experienced in Bible school! Not only has this book influenced my spiritual walk with Christ, but it has helped me in my ministry too. When I met Ron in person, I gleaned even more wisdom that I have applied to my life. Thank you very much for Slavic Christian Ministries!

– Yura Davudov

While I enjoy this testimony, perhaps Yura is being too gracious to me. And without a doubt, I am very grateful to our theology teacher, Kostya Deneka, who does an excellent job teaching in Russian and making the subject interesting to our students. Nevertheless, I do believe that Yura’s response bodes well for the content of the book.

With your help we will be able to publish and distribute 3,000—4,000 copies to students across the entire country of Ukraine this Fall. I have taken the step of faith and decided to publish additional copies of my book this July (2008). That way the books will be ready by September. If God touches your heart to give an additional one-time gift, SCM needs $8,000 – $10,000 for this first printing.

Ron Putnam

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