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There is so much more to life than drugs!

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Matthew at Christian Rehabilitation Center where he studied theology.

My name is Matthew Ivansivka. I’m from the Lvov region of Western Ukraine. I’ve been in this Christian rehabilitation center in Kharkov for a couple of months now, but beforehand, I attended five other facilities because I constantly relapsed back into drugs. In the past, I always tried to fix myself with my own strength, but I always failed and relapsed.

After entering this location, I realized that I needed God in my life. I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, and I am seeing God transform me. I see the blessings that that come from having a newfound relationship with Jesus.

While being rehabilitated, I have read all three of Ron Putnam’s books: “The Way to Restoration,” “The Way to Intimacy,” and “The Way to Righteousness.” Ron’s second book “The Way to Intimacy” really touched my heart. We studied this book with Ron’s employee, pastor Konstantin, during Slavic Christian Ministries’ theology course.

Learning about spiritual disciplines like prayer, meditation on God’s Word, and fasting, have completely transformed my life. Now I approach prayer as fellowship with the Father and more than that, I finally understand the benefit of fasting to the Lord. Before studying the theme of fasting, I used to feel unhappy and burdened when we would fast corporately. Now I am encouraged to do so! I am pleased to report that I fasted three days with other Christians with the hope that another person would have a successful surgery, which you never take for granted in my country, because of the subpar medical care.

I will forever remember how Ron, Konstantin, and Slavic Christian Ministries have invested spiritually into my life. I have become more patient, humble, obedient and mature because of what I have learned through your ministry to the Lord. Thank you for helping me see that there is so much more to life with God and I don’t have to destroy my life with drugs – Thank you! – Matthew

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