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The Way to Righteousness


Ron’s new book – The Way to Righteousness

After another year of research, writing, and editing, my third book, The Way to Righteousness, is finally in print. In appreciation for your encouragement and support, I am including a copy of my book with this update as a gift to you. Let’s have some fun and call it a “spiritual stimulus package”; to help you grow closer to the Lord!

Rev. Darryl “Bud”; Sparling, former Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination, has given it a generous recommendation. He says:

“After writing two clear-eyed works: the first on the essentials of the Christian Faith, what it means to become a true believer in the triune God, and a second very helpful manual on the praxis of Christian Spiritual Disciplines, Ron Putnam now deals with the crucial topics and issues that we need to pursue in order to grow into the sort of people who live lives reflecting the righteousness of Jesus. In a profoundly simple fashion, Ron points out the significance of the choices we make. This is a valuable resource that will take you deeper.”;

I hope his words will encourage you to take a look at the book. If so, may it be a blessing to you!

Because of God’s graciousness to SCM, we will soon be printing several thousand copies of the Russian version of all three of my books—The Way to Restoration, The Way to Intimacy, and The Way to Righteousness—within the next few months. Then, we will distribute all three books to the students and faculty of the key Christian colleges all across Russia. I am eager for this opportunity because it will be our first chance to reach this country for Jesus! We are looking forward to discovering how far-reaching these resources will be used for God’s glory!

For a gift of only $250, you can supply 30 Russian college students with all three books for their personal study and ministry. And for $2,500, you can reach 300 students with these theological resources.

If God stirs your heart to donate above and beyond your normal gift, we are also positioned to distribute several thousand more copies of our new release, The Way to Righteousness, to Ukrainians students free of charge! Please pray about partnering with us in this effort.

Ron Putnam

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