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The Testimony of Dmitriy Naumov


Photo of Dmitriy

“Hello, my name is Dmitriy, I used to live in the town of Makeevka, which is next door to the city of Donetsk, which had become its own self-proclaimed republic with the help of Russia (Donetsk National Republic). This is where most of the fighting remains.

Before I gave my life to Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I constantly experienced God’s wrath and was entrapped in my sinful temptations of alcohol abuse, drug use, and fornication, to name a few. It is hard to describe all of my shortcomings and failures before I met Jesus, but my immoral lifestyle and bad choices made me a drug addict.

Deep down, I always knew I was lost and that God existed, so I researched various religions, but I never found God. Out of despair, I remained in my drug addiction and became very desperate. I even tried to join the army when the war broke out in an attempt to escape my situation, but the Army would not take me as a soldier.

After speaking to a friend about his rehabilitation process and the freedom he gained, my heart was touched and I admitted to myself it was time for me to receive real help. After my arrival to this rehab center, I accepted Jesus as my Savior and I have been clean from all my addictions for two years, By God’s grace, I am serving as pastor Zhenya’s helper. I can truly say that SCM’s Bible lessons, Ron Putnam’s book’s, and the continual Christian counseling have helped many patients, and has blessed me in my spiritual growth too. My relationship with Christ and my Christian maturing have been greatly enhanced.

In the future I plan to get baptized, continue my process of sanctification, being Christ’s disciple, and continuing my Christian education. My desire is also to get married, but I have dedicated my life to serving Jesus Christ. Thank you for praying for me!”

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