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The Blessing of Obedience

2010-06 obedience

A photo of Alexandra and Kostya, SCM theology teacher.


“Hello, my name is Alexandra and I am 26 years old. I attend a non-denominational church called ‘Source of Love,’ and serve on the worship team. For three years now I have been taking Ron Putnam’s theology courses (studying all three of his books). I love the lessons very much, and look forward to each week’s topic. I particularly enjoy when Ron comes to Ukraine and visits our class because he makes his subjects come alive.

Allow me to share with you how our theology lessons have impacted my life:

After studying two lessons on the topic of “Obedience,” I was completely transformed in my walk with God and my attitude toward the church, my parents, and employers. Before, I was quite arrogant and displayed a somewhat cocky attitude. I often spoke disrespectfully toward other people in my life. Although I am embarrassed to admit it, this attitude caused a few problems in my life.

But after coming to this realization from studying Ron’s chapter on obedience, I was dramatically changed, which positively affected all my relationships. I now feel love like never before from the people around me as a result of my transformation. Because of my obedience to God and changing my attitude toward others, I have seen God usher many blessings of into my life!

Thank you for making a difference in my spiritual growth through your support of SCM. You are a blessing to me!”

– Bakulina Alexandra

What a wonderful example of how simple obedience to our Lord brought untold riches of joy to Alexandra’s life! This is just one of many success stories of how God is using our ministry to transform lives through our theological courses and resources! Alexandra’s life and many people like her would not be touched, transformed, and blessed without your generosity and prayers. Thank you very much!

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