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The Best Christmas Gift of All – Orphans Saved!

frontbox1storySCM employees and several volunteers visited orphans during the Christmas season. They provided a Christmas production and explained the true meaning of Christmas. Everyone had a wonderful time. Local Ukrainian churches and an American church donated gifts for this Christmas celebration.

Besides the joy of the season, I am delighted that God is attracting Ukrainian volunteers to help us in our ministry. I was hoping that God would draw a few helpers. Now more children can receive greater attention and increased individual care. Here is our Ukraine director’s testimony about the celebration:

“Today we had our Christmas service at Saltavka orphanage. There were about 45-50 children in attendance. Volunteers from church prepared a very good Christmas program for the kids. It lasted for about two hours and we had a Christmas performance, games, we joked around. At the end, I gave a small sermon and asked children to accept Jesus as their Savior. I am pleased to report that more than half of the kids gave their heart to Jesus. Lena and I then departed Saltavka Orphanage and traveled to Harmony Orphanage were we delivered Christmas gifts that we received from Americans. It was a wonderful day!” – Vova Yevsukov

Please continue to pray for the kid’s salvation and for our staff’s stressful work environment. We must minister to broken and hurting children, while being politically savvy in our approach to educate and evangelize the children so we don’t offend the secular staff. At any moment we could be excluded from the orphanage and these kids’ lives. There are reports that across Ukraine many Christians are unable to minister within orphanages because of governmental crackdowns. It is very subtle, but it is happening. Thankfully, God’s blessing remains upon our ministry. And thankfully at least 25 children accepted Jesus this Christmas. Perhaps this is the best gift of all!

Ron Putnam

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