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Tears of Joy


Svetlana after accepting Jesus as her savior!


The first woman I would like to introduce to you is Svetlana (in the photo above). Prior to our event, Svetlana had never visited an evangelical church, much less, any protestant church. At first, she was a bit apprehensive, but she quickly felt at home, when she began interacting with all of the Christians, who have such a wonderful spirit about them.

While being treated for her physical ailment, she asked inquisitive questions about our Christian faith. She openly confessed that she was “Looking for God, but didn’t know how to find him.” One of our team members explained to her about Jesus, the way to salvation, and his death on the cross for us, and if she desired to accept him as her personal Lord and Savior, they would be willing to pray with her. And I am happy to report that Svetlana accepted Jesus into her heart that day!

Natalia, also an unbeliever, who has never visited a Christian church prior to this outreach, traveled 20 miles, just to receive some help from us. Natalia and her child were sick and she was a determined mother willing to go anywhere for help. After her medical needs were met, she asked penetrating questions about our faith. And like Svetlana, she too received Christ Jesus as her Savior!

After praying, Natalia wept “tears of joy” for her newfound relationship with Jesus. She was delighted with the medical care, but even more encouraged for her newfound discovery that God loves her. The Holy Spirit drew her 20 miles away so she could respond to the Good News! When the event completed, we gave her a Bible, one of my theology books, and our team drove her back home. The entire ride, she wouldn’t stop asking questions about God!

Dear friends, we believe that both of these women’s conversions were sincere, and we are thankful to have impacted a few more lives.

As you can imagine, there is much preparatory work needed prior to every medical outreach: making facility arrangements, partnering with a local church, marketing within the community, recruiting the medical staff, and praying before the event. Then on the day of the outreach, the team does its best to help others with their physical and spiritual needs. By God’s grace, these two women are the fruit of all this labor of love.

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