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Street Gang To Christian Ministry!


Tatyana with pastor Kostya, after a SCM theology lesson; SCM teaches theology to about 100-150 people every year on average.

“Hello, my name is Tatyana. I grew up in a small town and was brought up in a rough neighborhood as the Soviet Union was collapsing. My big brother was the leader of the street gang. I was negatively influenced by him and began to drink, used bad language, and engaged in street fights to prove my toughness and to gain power and influence. One day, I decided to visit a Christian church for the first time on a dare and a promise. I kept my word, so I would not lose face with my other gang members who dared me to go. And then something amazing happened. I was overcome by the Holy Spirit and I gave my lie to Christ that day. I repented of my sins and accepted Jesus as my Savior. It was on that particular day that God drastically transformed me and turned my life around.

After I departed the church service, I literarily had the inability to use foul language. It is as if God closed my lips and I was unable to cuss, no matter how hard I tried! And because my vocabulary was limited without using bad words, I avoided people because I needed time to get used to my new identity.

Due to a biblical course taught by pastor Kostya that was based on Ron Putnam’s books, I was strengthened in my faith and obtained a solid foundation as a Christian. I am growing in the Lord and I have a strong desire to serve God. I realize that God allowed me to struggle with my past sins, so I can now help other people with the same struggles that I battled earlier in life. He has called me to serve those individuals who are deeply lost and have nowhere to turn.

I praise the Lord for these Bible classes – because of them I have gained knowledge and confidence to go and share the Gospel with people in this world. I have begun my ministry as an Evangelist and Ron Putnam’s resources have been a tremendous blessing. I want to thank Ron and all the sponsors for making this possible and for the wonderful lessons I learn from the course every time!” — Tatyana

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