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Sonya Beats The Odds!

“My name is Sonya. I am fifteen years old and I grew up without parents, at least I don’t remember them at all. I lived with two foster families for a while, but they returned me to the orphanage. I guess I couldn’t get along with them. I have lived in an orphanage for many years, but my dream is to one day enter a University and have a good future. But I also dream about having a new foster family or adoptive family; I want to be part of a family so much. Please pray for me.” —  Sonya

Sonya is a very intelligent girl, but honestly, most children who are adopted in Ukraine are younger children. When Sonya was saying that she still wanted to be adopted at fifteen years of age, when there were many younger orphans all around her, our team wasn’t very hopeful for Sonya, statistically speaking. But as you know, there is always a hope and a future when God is involved!

I am pleased to report that since we have received this testimony, Sonya has been adopted – a small miracle, considering her age! I don’t know if she ever accepted Christ, but thank God that our heavenly Father knew the heart of this child and gave her what she longed for and what we often take for granted.

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