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Snezhana’s Story


Snezhana on her birthday

Snezhana Tsapkovataya (Ukrainian for “snow”) was born on March 30th in 2002, and was left in the maternity ward of the hospital by her mother – abandoned and unwanted. When Snezhana was approximately one month old, she was transferred to the orphanage named, “The House of Babies.” Snezhana lived there for four years before transferring to the orphanage where Lada began ministering to her. Unfortunately, Snezhana has never met her parents. Despite not having her own family, she is thankful to be in this orphanage where she has many friends and kind nurses – she considers them her family.


Snezhana is very friendly and joyful girl, considering her life circumstances. She is very artistic, likes music classes, and learning mathematics. She does have a walking disability, but she enjoys her physical therapy and can still walk independently. She doesn’t get to leave her orphanage very often, but when she grows up she would like to be a psychologist. Like all children, she would like to be married and have her own family. But unfortunately, Lada believes that because of her disability, when she turns 17, she will be placed into a Ukrainian nursing home and may be there for the rest of her life, barring a miracle from God. So, we need to remember Snezhana in our prayers.


This past June 30th, Lada and a couple other volunteers celebrated Snezhana’s birthday and gave her a special party with gifts and cake. She felt very blessed. With Lada’s absence in the future, the other Christian volunteers will continue to speak to Sheznaya about Jesus. She is open to the gospel message, listens intently, and asks probing questions. Hopefully, it is just a matter of time before she comes to the Lord. Please pray for her salvation and that she will accept the Lord soon.

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