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DCP_2735Perhaps you are an experienced short-term missionary or you are considering your first overseas mission trip. Either way, we are excited that you are thinking about joining one of our trips and wanting to impact the lost for Jesus Christ! Most likely, your trip will change your life in some manner and expand your heart for the world!

We assume that part of your motivation is founded in your desire to be obedient to the Great Commission. But you need to ask yourself certain questions. “Why am I going?” Do you want to give God a week or two of your time to serve him, instead of yourself? Perhaps you have a heart for orphans, evangelism, or helping the poor. If so, this agency may be a good fit for you!

Our short-term mission trips involve orphanage work, construction projects, evangelism outreaches, and prayer trips. You do not have to be a skilled worker to join our organization. If you have a loving heart, profess Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and come with a servant attitude, then we need you!

Don’t feel like you have to be a gifted carpenter to work on a construction project. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with instruction and encouragement. Frequently, your presence and willingness to do the small things go a long way.

We want you to join us year after year. So it is important that you have a good trip experience. We encourage you to select the right trip for you. Review each trip carefully, pray about your selection, and see if you have peace in your heart that comes from the Lord. If this happens, then begin the process. It will be exciting to see how the Lord blesses your act of faith in stepping out.

Let me provide some insight on our evangelism and orphan projects. Be realistic about the depth of evangelism you will be able to do in Ukraine. Many people expect that their cross-cultural efforts will result in many conversions for Christ. Realistically, there may be a few conversions, but Europe is a very hard mission field today. Furthermore, the Ukrainian government is cracking down on Christian evangelism. There is still the ability to minister openly, but come realizing that your efforts are to build upon our existing ministries that keep going long after you are back home. In other words, you will be planting seeds which we will be watering throughout the year. Don’t expect dramatic results, even if that this happens, then praise God!

Before deciding which short-term mission trip you’ll go on, ask yourself these key questions to help select the right trip for you.

Questions to Ask Yourself
• Why are you going? What is your motivation?
• What type of experience are you looking for?
• Am I willing to be a servant and not seeking personal glory?
• Am I a good fit for this organization?
• Have I considered the pitfalls?

Pitfalls to Consider and How to Overcome Them
Just as the people who go on our trips are not perfect, so are the actual trips themselves. This is not a vacation, but a trip to a developing country, where anything can change at any given moment! That being said, your STM experience will be a good one if you remain flexible, attempt to understand the diversity of your teammates, and appreciate the fact that Ukrainian culture is different than yours.

Individuals going on a short-term mission trip can help themselves immensely by examining their own hearts, approaching a trip correctly, choosing wisely, and praying continually! Here are a few pitfalls common to STM and how you can overcome them:






I believe that you will have a successful, rewarding, and blessed trip if you follow these simple guidelines. We hope to hear from you soon! Ukraine needs you and our Lord needs you too!

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