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Second Time is the Charm

“Hi, my name is Ivan and I am 37 year old from Kiev. I grew up in a respectable family and I had a normal childhood. As an adult, I became a very successful businessman until my life fell apart. Able to make a good income, I lived the “high life” and spent an enormous amount of money on alcohol and trying to live out my own personal fantasies that are portrayed in Hollywood. As you can imagine, I became an alcoholic and ruined my life.


Ivan, who found victory from his addiction.

During my crisis, my mom accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and she was interceding for me in prayer on a regular basis. When I discovered this Christian rehabilitation center, I agreed to enter rehab in an effort to turn my life around. I was confident that I was able to stay sober after I completed my treatment, but I was completely wrong, because I tried to live in sobriety by my own strength. The result was a relapse for another 8 months of self-destruction until I came to the conclusion that I needed to repent of my sins, accept Jesus as my Savior, like my mom did, and give my life to God. I know now that the only way to stay sober is for me to rely on Jesus; I clearly cannot do it in my own strength.

With my second rehabilitation, I came with the sincere intention to getting myself mentally and physically healthy and restoring my relationship with God. When I discovered that Slavic Christian Ministries taught a Bible course, I was very interested in attending and went to every class.

At first, I was trying to comprehend simple biblical truths and what God expected of me … how to live and what to know about living as a successful Christian. Pastor Zhenya not only taught me the Bible, but gave me practical life skills on how to live a godly life and how to model Christ. I came to realize that I was being transformed in my mind and being! Looking backward, I can see the significant changes in my life. This Bible group has made a dramatic influence on my life. I have learned how to analyze my life decisions, the consequences of my actions and how to live for Christ going forward.

I thank God for Zhenya and Slavic Christian Ministries for helping me come closer to Christ and helping me gain spiritual wisdom and understanding on how to live for God. I am also thankful for everyone who supports this ministry, because it truly helped me in every way! In the future, I would like to be involved with a ministry that also helps recovering addicts, like myself, to find freedom in Christ and be delivered from their bondage.” – Ivan

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