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Season of Salvation

This has been a very encouraging season here in Ukraine. I was able to see the conclusion of several of our courses, sponsor short-term missionaries, review future locations of ministry, create new denominational alliances, and engage in weekly preaching throughout our region. While each area had its own encouraging merits, I am most excited about the salvation of people through our ministry during this trip.

Through all of these avenues, I have seen 64 orphans and 34 adults make commitments to Christ. I am hoping that before our return to America two more people will accept Christ, so we can have a round number of 100 people who have made commitments to Jesus during my time here in Ukraine!

One personal story that remains with me is concerning a Ukrainian woman in her mid-thirties, named Enna. A few years ago, Enna married a Muslim man from Northern Africa. She has two children from this marriage. In recent times there has been a struggle in her family because the Holy Spirit has been drawing Enna and her children to Jesus, but Enna’s husband has been pushing the family towards his Muslim faith.

One Sunday morning I preached in a small church of about 40 people in Kharkov. Enna had returned from Northern Africa back to Ukraine for a short period of time to visit her Ukrainian family. It just so happened that God drew her as a guest to this church the same morning that I preached.

As usually is the case, at the end of my sermon, I asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior. Enna came forward and fell to her knees immediately. With heavy flowing tears from her eyes, she repeated the prayer of salvation and became a redeemed child of God.

She explained to me that she had wanted to accept Jesus as her Savior for a long period of time, but didn’t have the opportunity in her Muslim country. Christians know that anyone can accept Jesus as Savior anywhere at anytime, but it was important for Enna to receive Jesus within a Christian community and church. So God drew her to Ukraine so she could receive the Savior of her soul. She has now returned to her Muslim home, I believe.

Please pray for Enna since her trials are only beginning. Now that she is back with her Muslim family, she will have the extreme difficulty of telling her Muslim husband of her new relationship with Jesus. Most likely, the only peace that she will experience in her future is if her husband will also accept Jesus as Savior. Until then, please pray for Enna’s spiritual and physical safety (it is dangerous to be a Christian in a Muslim land and family), her children’s and husband’s salvation, and the other 97 people who accepted Jesus this summer.

Thank you for your prayers and sacrificial giving. May God bless you richly for helping us as much as you have done! We could not have this ministry without your help! Please keep our family and our ministry in your prayers. We appreciate you very much!

Ron Putnam

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