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School’s Out, but Not Forgotten!

After teaching 19 English evangelism and discipleship courses this past year, we have concluded for the summertime. A wonderful time was had by all. People were encouraged, educated, and a few people were saved. We will begin our third year of teaching again in the fall. Here are a two testimonies from our younger students:

“I liked my English class because we didn’t only study, but also read interesting Christian stories. I also liked the party times where we watched Christian videos and played interesting games. I know now (and I will always know) that God loves all people without exception, and wants us to love Him and come to Him in prayer. God helps the people who ask Him for help. I know realize that a person goes to hell because he didn’t know God. I like the classes and don’t want to change anything.” – Artyom, 12 years old

“I liked the classes because they were very interesting. Besides our course, we had fun parties. I liked everything very much. Ron, thank you for this opportunity to study. During these classes we spoke about God and learned that He takes care of us. I discovered how God created the earth. But the most important thing is that you managed to prove to me that God really does exist. I’d like to have more classes in the future.” – Alyona, 15 years old


After three years in the making, my discipleship book, which I have been researching, writing, and editing on a part-time basis, comes back from the editor’s office within the week. After I make the final revisions, it goes to our Ukrainian editor’s office for a final review too. Hopefully, by the end of August, both books will be published – one version in English and the other in Russian.

The book has already been taught to approximately 150 students. But including other readers, 400 or more people have read at least a portion of the book so far.

We were also told that the Ukrainian denomination (with whom we partner with) has used this book to teach the secular government of Kharkov more about Jesus. This is wonderful news since the leaders are in charge of around 4 million people. Pray that God will use this book to save these men and glorify Christ in Kharkov!


With God’s blessing, we have two teams totaling 23 people coming to Ukraine this July and August. There is another possibility of another team coming in September, which may be solidified soon. We are excited to have these wonderful people come and minister in the name of Jesus. They seem to be very excited as they prepare to touch a few lives of orphans, encourage Christians, and help Ukrainians with evangelism.

It is heart warming to see American Christians sacrifice their time, talent and finances to bless people they have never met. Please pray for their spiritual protection and encouragement during these trips. Pray also that Jesus’ kingdom will expand because of their efforts.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We love you very much.

Ron Putnam

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