Sasha’s Testimony


In this photo we see Ira with Sasha, whose mother and father were both killed at separate times.

Hello, my name is Sasha. I am thirteen years old and I came to the orphanage because my dad was killed (a long time ago) and my mom is an alcoholic and she was not taking care of me. She would often bring her friend’s home to drink while I was in my room. Her friends made me scared and insecure and then something horrible happened …

One of my mom’s friends killed her when I was at home. The man was sent to prison, but I lost all the family that I had and I was sent to this orphanage. All I want is my family back. I have a 21 year old brother, but the government won’t give me over to him. My dream is to be adopted by a family and get out of this orphanage.

I like the Bible stories that Ms. Ira and Mr. Vova teach us. The flannel board really helps me understand the bible stories much better.

Friends, Sasha is very open to the Gospel and we pray that Sasha and Alyona will both accept Jesus as Savior!

If you have been following us for a while, what we provide with our orphan ministry is Christian education and love, until God moves these precious souls to their adopted families or until the Ukrainian government transfers them away from one of the places where we minister. Some make professions of faith and some do not, but we show the love of Christ to all kids, letting them know they are loved!

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