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Salvation Comes to Stanechnye!

After two years of teaching evangelism English to hundreds of students in many different locations, God is beginning to do some very exciting work in our midst.

During the past two years God has shown us His graciousness by favorably predisposing local governments, school systems and secular families towards our ministry. It has been encouraging to see the large number of students and their openness towards us. But after many months of long hours and sacrifice by our team, we have been baffled (Americans and Ukrainians alike) why no one had accepted Jesus as Savior. Especially since our ministry team had faithfully been investing in the student’s lives and unconditionally spreading Christ’s love in an atmosphere that has combined lots of love, grace, truth, light, testimony and consistent prayer. But for some reason, no converts.

However, in one village named Stanechnye we knew the Holy Spirit was moving. One day the local pastor ran up to me with a huge smile and said, “Ron, the families of our village believe your ministry is a gift from God. They see no reason why you should be here unless you were from God. And they are very happy.” Somewhat reserved, my response to this pastor was, “I am happy they are blessed, but no one seems to be becoming Christian.” Thinking of all the other locations without any eternal salvation, I guess my faith factor was a bit on the empty side that day. Nonetheless, God has actively been working in this location.

This past December around fifteen students accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Everyone was excited – students, families and our team. Here are three testimonies from our students:

“To be honest, I wish I could have attend English courses last year, I really like our teacher Victoria and I’d also like to spend more time with God. And I can do that in our English classes! I always desired to have my own Bible for fellowship with God. But now I know that I can also fellowship with Him in our English classes. I really liked the last party when Vova shared his testimony and it really touched my heart, now I have a desire to spend more time with God. I love the atmosphere of our classes.” – Svyeta Gorlova, 14 years old

“I like everything about our English classes – our textbook, parties where we have a lot of fun, and interesting cartoons about God. I also like that our teacher prays for us every time we have a class. During this time I found out a lot of things about God and began to believe in Him more, I even started to pray before going to bed, not every night though but I pray.

I’d like to share a small testimony – once at our class I had a terrible toothache and I asked our teacher Victoria to pray for my tooth, she did and the pain went away, praise God!” – Oksana Kogal, 14 years old

“I really like our qualified and smart teacher. I knew practically nothing about God before I started coming to the English classes, but with the help of our teacher I’ve learned why God created people and everything else on our planet earth. I found out that God could always help me when I go through hard times and difficulties in my life. I’d like Him to be my example.” – Ruslan Chernov, 16 years old

Now we are praying that our Lord Jesus will continue to bless many of our other locations too. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We love you very much.

Ron Putnam

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