Revival Happened through “Theology Courses”

“Hi, my name is Galina and I live in the town of Stariy Saltov, which is within the picturesque state of Kharkov. I was saved and baptized shortly after our church began, which was a few years ago. Before my salvation, I was almost disabled person; my organs were failing because I used to be an alcoholic. After I received Jesus Christ as my Savior, almost immediately my body was restored to good health.

Galina, our theology student, with SCM theology teacher,  Kostya Deneka.

Galina, our theology student, with SCM theology teacher, Kostya Deneka.

I am currently retired, but I still work and feel better physically than before I was saved. God has totally changed my life! Our church has gone through ups and downs, but there is a hunger in our hearts for revival. We continued to pray to God for help, until one day, he brought us the opportunity to receive theology courses from Slavic Christian Ministries. We saw this as God’s answer to prayer for our church.

We began by studying “The Way to Restoration” by pastor Ron Putnam. After studying this book, every one of us has deeply reexamined our knowledge and commitment to God. Our church is filled with joy, peace, and confidence because of the education and transformation we are all undergoing.

For example, take the chapter on “The Father,” it speaks about why God has revealed himself to us as our father and how we have become his children. This is such a strong practical application! The lessons are a hug blessing for all of us and we always look forward to each week’s lesson.

Ironically, the theology courses are not only training our members, but the revival we have longed to see within our church has begun to happen. People who left our church in previously, have now begun attending church again. Praise the Lord for his goodness to us! We also want to thank the whole SCM team and their sponsors; may our Lord bless all of you abundantly for your kindness to us!” – Galina

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