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Renata’s Redemption

Renata is 16 years old girl who was transferred to the orphanage in August of 2015. Renata’s parents were deprived of their parental rights because of being severe alcoholics and not able to keep employment to provide for their daughter. For a long time, Renata lived in a small one-room apartment with her parents, but due to their neglect of her, she was often starving and cold, while her mother would cheat on her husband with many men in front of her.

In the first two months of living at the orphanage, Renata tried to run away three times, not realizing that she would be taken better care of by the government than her own family. Vova (our SCM employee) spoke with Renata, shared the Gospel message of salvation, and tried to convince her that Jesus would love her and transform her life. Renata gave her heart to Jesus. Renata’s father died from alcohol and she didn’t want to return to her mother, so she began to pray about being adopted by a foster family. Three weeks later, a foster family expressed their desire to adopt her. It was a real miracle for her! At the time of this testimony, the necessary documents for adoption were being processed; she should be adopted by now. During the time we ministered to her, Renata intently listened to our Biblical lessons with great joy and anticipation. Her story is a story of salvation and redemption. Please keep this tender teenager in your prayers; there is still much to overcome.

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