Refugees from Crimea


Dimitry, with his wife Anna and three children. They are refugees from Crimea.

Hello, my name is Dimitry, I am from the town of Saki, in the Crimean peninsula in South Ukraine that was overrun by Russia. I have a wife named Anna and three daughters, Oinna, Alina and Veronika. When Russia took Crimea, we moved to Kharkov. Before our move, our quiet town of Saki was overrun by combat helicopters, tanks, and armored personnel carriers. Many armed military began patrolling our streets. At the time, I could not completely grasp what was going on around us and grew gravely concerned, as you can imagine.

In fear for my children, I left Crimea and moved to Kharkov. We knew several people at one of the rehab centers, so we contacted them and asked if they would help us, while we tried to determine our future.
It has been over a year since we have departed our Crimean home. We try to keep as normal of a routine as possible. My children attend a local school, my wife Anna works as a kindergarten teacher, and I work as a cook in the rehab center. We have found a local church since relocating and trying to participate in church ministry. For now, we just pray that peace will eventually return to Ukraine. We thank Slavic Christian ministries for helping us during our time of need too! – Dimitry

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