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Vova teaching children Bible lessons

Vova teaching children Bible lessons (many are families of unbelievers)

In this war atmosphere of Eastern Ukraine, we continue to engage in all of our regular ministry activities (without hindrance) to orphans, teaching 
theology in churches, and counseling and ministering in drug rehabilitation centers. As I stated in my last letter, we have also begun a new ministry to refugees. We have “adopted” a UN mandated refugee camp that is only 45-50 miles from the war zone and can house up to 300 people. 

When we visit this camp, we counsel the parents, teach the children Bible lessons, play games, sing songs, engage in crafts, and shower everyone with love. We always bring items like fruit, candy, and essential hygiene supplies, and clothes, some of which is collected from one of our employees church members. 

Our team drives two hours to reach the refugee camp via the interstate and are often passing military checkpoints and many military vehicles. They serve at personal risk each time they go – and they do so for the benefit of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those displaced souls, many of whom have never heard the Good News and the way to salvation. Please keep our team in your prayers as they minister to those in dire straits.

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