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Reaching An Entire Family For God!


Bogdan is the 16 year-old who was deeply impacted by the audio Bible stories.

“Hi, my name is Bogdan and I am 16 years old. I live in this children’s sanatorium with many other kids because I have a blood vessel disorder called vasoneurosis. I want to thank everyone in America for blessing me with this gift. I always enjoy when Slavic Christian Ministries visits me and shares biblical truths with me. I was so surprised and delighted to receive this audio device; I began listening to the Bible stories immediately. I never knew anything like this device existed!

After receiving this gift, I enjoyed listening to the Bible stories on occasion, but as time has passed, it has now become my most frequent and favorite pastime activity. I have learned more about God and his son Jesus than ever beforehand. It is amazing to learn that God sent his son Jesus to earth to save everyone, including me!

Whenever, I am given the opportunity to visit my home to see my family (Bogdan is living within an orphan medical center), I played the device so loud that everyone in the room could hear the Gospel message of Jesus. My mom listened the most and eventually she asked me, ‘Where did you get this device?’ I replied, ‘Christians who visit us every week at my sanatorium gave it to me as a gift!’

Because of my mom’s interest, we eventually began listening to the Bible stories together. And later on, when I wasn’t using the device, she listened to the stories by herself. She has a natural interest in God and is so happy to hear about who Jesus is and in his divine plan of salvation. After my mom began listening, my dad and my sister also joined in to listen to the Bible stories too. This audio device has surprisingly become the preacher for our family and me! They now know that God has a profound love for them. Thank you so much for blessing my family and me.” – Bogdan

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