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Pre-Evangelism Blessing


Patients standing in line preparing for medical help. Please See SCM Facebook page for all photos of these medical events!

We also had another productive medical outreach with “Source of Life Baptist Church” in the village of Rogan, which is not far from Kharkov. No one made a first time confession of faith in Jesus Christ during this outreach, but it was still a very productive “pre-evangelism” trip. Pastor Aleksey gave a huge “thank you” to Slavic Christian Ministries supporters for making this event happen. About 40 people attended our outreach and there was shock and awe within the community that we would have this event for “free.” Here are a few testimonies from Ivan, Ludmilla, and Victor.

“Hello, my name is Ivan and my wife died a few years ago. Since her passing, I have been very lonely. When pastor Aleksey came to my home with the advertisement and invited me to this medical event, I knew I needed to participate. I am embarrassed to say this, but I have lived in Rogan for many years, but this is the first time I have visited this church. I am so pleased that I came because I was able to hear God’s Word and also receive some medical attention that I really needed. I am so delighted I met pastor Aleksey and received some medical attention!”

“Hi, I am Ludmilla. I have been a Christian for many years, but I have had to travel a long distance to attend church. I am so joyful to have met Christians from Source of Life Baptist Church. They have made me feel welcome and I believe I will visit this church again, since it is only five minutes from my home. Thank you for reaching out to me and making me aware that I am invited and accepted. The congregation and pastor are very nice!”

“My name is Victor and my wife and I decided to come to your outreach because we have never attended this church, despite living on the same street as where the church is located. When the church invited us, we thought ‘This is the time to come and check it out.’ While I was there, I took advantage of the moment and asked pastor Aleksey many biblical questions and received many spiritual answers. I believe my wife and I will visit this church for very soon.”

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