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People Are Stealing To Get These Devices!

Maksim is a 10 year old boy from a village outside of the city of Kharkov. He has a younger sister named Yulechka, who is 3 years old. They were both were admitted to the orphanage because their mom is very sick and there is no one to care for them, while she is

hospitalized. Their father abandoned the family a long time ago and there is no extended family to care for the children. Apparently, the family is very poor, but their mother has done her best to provide for her children. Maksim and Yulechka have been in the orphanage for two months, waiting for their mother’s health to improve.

Maksim was so delighted to receive the audio Bible that he carried it with him wherever he went and always listed to the Bible stories. He especially loved the stories about Jesus’ life. Our staff was pleasantly surprised with how quickly he memorized everything he heard; every time we visited their orphanage, Maksim already knew much about our teaching and he was an active participant in our discussions. Many times he has been able to fill in small details of each Bible story from listening to his audio device.

The last time we met Maksim, his eyes were full of tears because it turned out that someone stole his audio device when he was out of his room. He was so saddened that he no longer had the ability to listen to the Old Testament and New Testament stories. We tried to encourage him by gifting him with a children’s book entitled “Bible Stories,” but this book is more suitable for younger children, like his little sister. Maksim really missed his audio player!!! We were going to ask if Slavic Christian Ministries’ partners would purchase another device for Maksim, but thankfully, the director found out who the thief was and returned the device to Maksim!

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