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PASTOR’S CONFERENCE WENT WONDERFULLYIn October we organized two pastor’s conferences for three different denominations for Family Discipleship Ministries (“FDM”). We had about 80 pastors and lay-leaders at the event. Afterward, we had many of these pastors meet with the leaders of FDM to discuss beginning this ministry in Ukraine. The president of FDM said that in all of his travels, this was the most open and excited group of pastor’s he has ever met.

We are currently helping FDM connect further with these pastors so their relationship can begin to take root within this culture. FDM is planning on coming back to Ukraine next September.

With domestic violence, alcoholism, abortion, and drug use all reported to be around 50% within this culture, you can see that this ministry can have a large impact in this region. Please pray that Ukrainian churches will follow through with this ministry.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We appreciate you very much.

Ron Putnam

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