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Orphans in Ukraine

ph02 4It is reported that Ukraine has over 100,000 orphans. Of these children, only 10% of them are orphaned due to the death of a parent. The remaining 90% are social orphans due to alcoholism, abandonment, or imprisonment of parents. Here are some disturbing facts:

* Every year, more than 2,000 mothers abandon their babies in maternity hospitals. Between 6 and 7 thousand more are abandoned at an older age or removed from home due to crime or neglect.
* Many social orphans have experienced abuse and violence from parents who were drug addicts or alcoholics.
* Orphans typically grow up in large state-run homes, which may house over 200 children.
* Many children run away from these homes, preferring to live on the street.
* Children usually graduate from these institutions between 15 and 16 years old and are turned out, unprepared for life outside the home.
* About 10% of them will commit suicide after leaving the orphanage before their 18th birthday.
* 60% of the girls will end up in prostitution. Those who run prostitution rings target orphaned girls, who are especially vulnerable due to their lack of options and lack of people who care what happens to them. Though promised good jobs, they end up on the streets and brothels of cities across Europe.
* 70% of the boys will enter a life of crime.

Slavic Christian Ministries invests our time and resources into hundreds of orphans in five locations. The need to reach these kids is very great. To learn more, please review some of our past press releases below.

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