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Orphans Accepting Christ!


Family Update

To our joyful surprise, we discovered late last Fall that Katya is pregnant with our third child. We should know the baby’s gender in the very near future. The due date is June 29, 2009.

Angels are Dancing!

You may recall our introduction of Lena in our December newsletter. Lena is an orphan girl who was removed from her home due to extreme parental abuse. I am happy to inform you that Lena and 22 other orphans recently accepted Jesus as Savior during one of our outreaches!

Our staff offered the prayer of salvation to these children after investing in their lives for many months. The government often forbids Christians from regularly praying with the kids. So, we work tirelessly in search of opportunities to pray with them – without being permanently thrown out of the orphanage for dissenting with the government.

The SCM team of staff and volunteers were delighted and very thankful to see how God opened the children’s hearts to the gospel. Shortly after they accepted Jesus as Savior, a few of the kids, if not many of them, were relocated to other orphanages across the country. We reached them just in time!

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to these departed children because of distance, and because we now have a new set of kids to reach in this orphanage. Please pray that the children who accepted Jesus and were given Bibles will grow in their faith until our Lord places new Christians in their lives. Their faith is very fragile right now.

Upcoming Dates & Events

I will be travelling back to Ukraine later this month to encourage our staff and review our ministry. I will also be meeting with an advocate for a church in Minneapolis who is joining us to observe our ministry and ministry partners. If all goes well, the advocate’s church may send short-term missionaries to Ukraine in the future. Please pray that God will bless our time together.

I am excited to inform you that my third book, The Way to Righteousness, is currently being printed. You’ll learn more about it in my next newsletter. But generally speaking, the book captures the essence of how we as Christians can grow within the areas of love, grace, humility, faith, forgiveness, obedience, holiness, and joy.

Thank you so much for continuing to give sacrificially to our ministry. We entered December with a deficit of $47,000 – but your generous donations since then have cut our losses in half. Please continue to pray that God will open the hearts of pastors as I travel across America this year, building and deepening our friendships and ministry partnerships. Because of the economy, we just lost another large sponsoring church – the second church within the past two months. Each one of you who prays and gives to our ministry is so special to us. Words cannot express our gratitude!

Ron Putnam

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