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Never too Old to Turn to Christ


Ekaterina with Christian doctor (l) and pastor Igor (r). She accepted Jesus at 87 years old!


Dear Friends of Slavic Christian Ministries,

Thank you for helping us in Ukraine. Our first medical outreach was as success, but I am pleased to report that our second medical outreach was even more encouraging!

After distributing several hundred flyers informing people about our outreach event, we saw the Holy Spirit draw about thirty people to our event. It was inspiring to see the people lined up and waiting for us before we opened our doors! We could sense the favor of God on our day. The people’s openness toward us and to the Gospel message was very evident and refreshing. As the patients were being treated by the physicians, they continued to ask probing questions about our church, Christianity, and the Lord. They were asking questions like,

• “What is the difference between Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, and Protestantism?”

• “Who is God?”

• “How can I be saved and go to heaven?”

These exploratory questions are uplifting to us because the people’s openness to the Lord had been waning over the past few years. During this outreach the Holy Spirit was moving and by the end of the day, another four people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior for the very first time!

I would like to tell you about an 87 year old senior citizen named Ekaterina Stepanovna, who came to our attention during our event. Apparently, she was too ill to visit us, so the medical staff and I drove to her home, examined her, and spoke to her and her family about salvation in Christ alone. The entire family was encouraged by the visit and Ekaterina was very lucid and coherent, considering her age and health. What was so encouraging was that Ekaterina accepted Jesus as her personal Savior at 87 years old! Clearly, you are never too old to accept Jesus in your heart. And our Savior was keeping her on earth until we could visit her! Thank you for everything!

– Pastor Igor, Good News Church in Bezludovka

Dear friends, this testimony is very similar to the other medical outreaches we have undertaken. Of course, each trip’s success lies in our Lord’s hands, but it takes the coordination of SCM, the Christian medical community, and the local church to make it all come together. Many man-hours are invested for each event. And by God’s grace, he always allows us to see lives saved and/or healed. I want to thank you for partnering with God in Ukraine and always being there for Slavic Christian Ministries.

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