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My Prayers Are being Answered


Nikita (L) with SCM theology teacher, Kostya Deineko.

Hello, my name is Nikita. My hometown is Briansk, which is a city in Russia. For the past few years (since I was 18 years old), I had been addicted to drugs. When I began using drugs, I thought that it would be a good way for me to feel good about myself. I soon discovered that these substances were destroying my life. I became aggressive, offensive towards other people, stole money, and engaged in many evil activities. But it was quite obvious to me and others that I hated everyone around me and that my life was out of control. Then one day, a representative from the Christian rehabilitation center offered me a way toward freedom from my addiction. Looking at how I destroyed my life, I agreed to enter this place because it was my last opportunity for hope.

When I arrived here, I was surprised by everyone’s kindness and positive attitude toward me. After about a month, I saw myself opening up toward other people; and about four months later I became a Christian, was set free from my addiction, and I had no further desire to take any type of drug.

The greatest transformation of my character came through Slavic Christian Ministries’ theology course, where I learned about our Lord Jesus, asked him for forgiveness for my sins, and asked for spiritual, physical, and emotional freedom. God answered my prayers! I consider it a huge miracle!

Currently, I am maturing as a Christian through Ron Putnam’s book, The Way to Intimacy and by reading my Bible. Each lesson helps me to understand about our Lord and this course has dramatically changed my perspective of God. I thought God was distant, but now I see that he is a loving Father who cares for me. I absolutely enjoy every lesson, but my favorite lessons are on “prayer” and “studying.”

Because of this course, my prayer life has not only increased, but I see the Lord answering my prayers. He really does love me! And because I now know he loves me, I am reading my Bible more every day. As I make plans for my future, I want to return back to my city in Russia and begin to serve God by telling people the Good News of Jesus. Thank you and God bless you,

– Nikita Shilkin

Dear friends, what a joy it is knowing that God continues to transform lives through our sincere efforts. Clearly, there is no one too far away that God cannot reach them! The Scripture in Isaiah is very applicable in Ukraine, when the prophet says, “Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear” (Isaiah 59:1). This is very true in Nikita’s life. God found Nikita and directed him to the rehabilitation center, where all of his needs could be met.

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