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Medical Ministry Update

2011-05-12-prayerLast fall, Slavic Christian Ministries began a new medical outreach ministry around our region of Ukraine. We have partnered with non-denominational and Baptist churches, physicians, and nurses to address the physical needs of many hurting people. And so far, it has been moderately successful.

The outreach is quite simple: We partner with local churches, advertise around their town, set up our medical facility with the church, purchase most of our medical supplies, and then prepare to examine the patients who appear for help.

Before the day begins, the medical staff and the local pastor lead the patients in a time of singing worship songs. Then the pastor preaches a small sermon about Jesus being our “Great Physician,” and how he can heal everyone spiritually. Afterward, there is an introduction of the medical staff before the examinations commence.

Just like any medical appointment, the medical staff and volunteers check vital statistics, speak with the patient about the needs, and the physician makes an analysis of the person’s medical condition and offers a plan for restored health.

At the end of each visit, we provide them with Christian literature and ask for the opportunity to tell them about the Good News or invite them to that local church. We usually have a medical team of seven to ten people, as well as, SCM staff, and a few church volunteers from the area. We are averaging about 70 visitors during an eight hour outreach event. Honestly, I was hoping for a greater response of people, but I am pleased with those the Lord has allowed us to help!

Almost everyone who visits our outreach expresses their desire to stay in touch with the partnering church, which is very encouraging! Those who came in the past have seemed delighted about our concern and care for them; especially since our physicians are with higher credentials than are often found in outlying regions of Ukraine! Here are a few short testimonies:

“Hello, my name is Aleksandra; I am a 58 years old lady from Ukraine. I discovered this medical outreach from a friend of mine. When I came, I was filled with absolute peace by the loving spirit of the people here. Because of this event, I visited the church today for my first time! I am very thankful to the church and this ministry for helping me in so many ways. I also want to thank you for the Christian literature and medication too.”
– Aleksandra Fedorovna

“Hello, we are two women from a small town in Ukraine. We don’t know Jesus as our Lord, but after speaking to our friend, Lena, we decided to visit your physicians because of some health issues. We were amazed at the wonderful attitude of the medical staff. We are pleasantly surprised that you would care for us enough to give us free medical supplies and gifts from your ministry! Thank you for caring for us in so many ways!”
– Tanya and Ludmila

“My name is Valentina; I am a senior citizen of Ukraine. In my 76 years of life, I have never visited a local church, but today I decided to come because of the medical attention I was able to receive. The people were hospitable and warm. I was able to receive medical attention, but I can see that Christians do put their faith into practice! I am very thankful to the church and for SCM for making this project happen!”
– Valentina Ivanovna

As you can see from these testimonies, we are reaching people that were previously unreachable. But showing the “tangible” love of God, we are planting seeds and trying to attract people to our Lord and Savior! Lives are being saved through our ministry, but the fields are not as ripe for people coming to the Lord as it was when I first became a missionary to Ukraine ten years ago. But we are still reaching people and impacting many lives as God allows us! Prosperity, secularism, and governmental control have hindered much in the area of salvation. But we press onward in prayer and faith! Please keep praying for salvation to continue in people’s lives. They truly need the Lord!

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