Leaving Lugansk War Zone

yuriyHi, My name is Yuriy. I lived in a town called Rovenki, which is located in the Lugansk region, where there was heavy fighting between Ukrainian and Russian forces. My town was part of the war zone, so I had to flee my home and move to Kharkov area. I became a Christian in 2008. Before the war, I had my own business of installing air conditioners. I have been able to live in this rehabilitation center in Kharkov, trying to heal from a recent head surgery and also try to figure out my future. Because of my construction background, I was able to help this rehabilitation center with some needy repairs, while I await what is next for my life. My parents remain in the Lugansk region and I am concerned for them, because missiles exploded very near their town during the heavy fighting. My parents told me that during the heavy fighting, there was heavy shelling almost every day.

But due to their age, health, and financial inability to move, they need to remain in their very fearful environment. They hope that everything will one day go back to normal. At the moment, I am thinking about trying to begin my own business in Kharkov, so I can make enough money to support my parents and get them out of Lugansk, before something bad happens to them. I am deeply concerned about their wellbeing! Because I have been in much pain with my head injury, I am thankful to Slavic Christian Ministries and the medical team for looking at my injuries and helping me both medically while encouraging me spiritually too. Thank you! – Yuriy

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