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Lesya, Future ministry leader, trained by pastor Kostya and SCM

“Hi, my name is Lesya and I want to give you my testimony. Ever since my childhood, I heard about God from my orthodox grandma. I knew about him from her, but that was about it – I never had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2000, I began attending the Orthodox church and began reading their literature, but I still felt distant from God. Who was he? Why was he so elusive in my life? Then about seven years ago, my friend invited me to an Evangelical church service at Good News Church in Kharkov.

I was attending this new church regularly, when all of a sudden, I became very sick. I asked the church to please pray for me and amazingly, God heard their prayers and healed me. It was at this moment, I truly believed God was real and cared about me. I accepted Jesus as my Savior shortly after this event and began sharing my faith in public.

I began witnessing to middle-aged Orthodox women who also had this elusiveness with God. Because I wasn’t trained, I went through SCM’s sponsored leadership course on how to be a small group and church leader. I am looking forward to leading a group of women very soon. I want to thank you for what I learned through pastor Kostya and Slavic Christian Ministries. Thank you for giving me the tools to succeed.”

– Sincerely, Lesya Pustovoytova

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