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Launching Fall Courses

SCM Launches Fall Courses

In September, we began our “school year ministry” once again. We began our English and theology courses for eight different groups and totaling 180-200 students. These courses meet weekly until next April.

Most of our English students are younger, but Vika, one of our English teachers reports that one elderly lady is coming to her courses, who is a scientist. She said to Vika, “Now I see that the Bible doesn’t contradict the science, as I used to think, but on the contrary it supports it!” Vika reports that this woman is not saved yet, but close. Wait until we get her in our theology course! Undoubtedly, God will continue to touch this lady’s heart.

Natasha, one of our other employees has been working passionately in expanding MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) to three different denominations. By the end of this month, we are hoping to begin eight MOPS groups.

This is exciting because we introduced MOPS to Ukraine this past July 30th, when we had our first conference. We are seeing the natural outpouring since that conference. Leah, a professional MOPS representative in Russia helped us with this conference in July. We are considering bringing Leah back to Ukraine once again to help Natasha with training and vision-casting. Please pray not only for the viability of MOPS in Ukraine, but our English and theology courses will bring people to a saving relationship with Jesus, and mature people in Christ.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We appreciate you very much. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Ron Putnam

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