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Lada Panchenko’s Ministry

Selfie of Lada

A selfie of Lada

We have an employee named Lada Panchenko who works for us in a military hospital. Originally, she was meeting physical needs inside the hospital, like cleaning soldier’s clothes and personal belongings. But now, we have transition her into the hospital ward, so she can befriend, encourage, and witness to the troops who were injured in battle.

Lada used to be one of our English evangelism teachers several years ago, but she was married and began a family. Unfortunately, in the past year, she had to abandon her home in the war torn part of Ukraine, her mother died, her child died a few years ago, and her husband abandoned her, to no fault of her own.

Military hospital hallway

Military hospital hallway

Having Lada work for us is a place of solace for her, where she can relate to and minister to those who are hurting. I thank God for this friend and sister in the Lord. She has a beautiful giving spirit, so please also keep her in your prayers as she ministers and heals.

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