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Iya’s Story


Iya holding one of her drawings

Like Sheznaya, Iya Chasnyk (Ukrainian for “garlic”) was born and abandoned in the maternity ward of the hospital on November 18th, 2002, in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. And similar to Sheznaya, Iya was transferred to this same orphanage at the age of four. She has never met her parents.

Unfortunately, Iya’s physical condition is worse than Sheznaya’s, because she can’t walk at all. She has the ability to crawl on her knees, but she is unable to use her legs – she is mostly bound to a wheelchair. She is very sweet and outgoing, and has the respect from the other orphan girls. She is very talented and has a beautiful singing voice, where she has even won a talent competition.

She also enjoys learning and memorizing Bible stories. Her favorite story is about Joseph and his brothers. She once remarked, “Joseph was very blessed because he had so many brothers, a father and a mother.” This statement reveals how much Iya (and all orphan kids) want to have their own family. Her dream is to have her own home and a TV. She realizes she will never have the opportunity to travel with her physical condition, so she is doing her best to learn as much as she can about the world. She loves to study!

She remains hopeful, but like Sheznaya, she will most likely move to a nursing home when she turns 17 years old. Please continue to pray for Iya’s faith, growth in the Lord, and that she remains hopeful.

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