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It is Vital to Spend Time With God!


Kostya (SCM theology teacher with Nadia)


Hello, my name is Nadia, and I am one of the leaders at Good News Church in Nova Vodalaga, a town about 45 minutes drive from the city of Kharkov.

I want to express my gratitude and describe what a huge blessing the theology lessons are to me and to our church. I look forward to each lesson because they truly help me grow in my knowledge of God.

Ron’s theology books are excellent resources to help me understand the Bible better. In fact, I keep his books on my table so I can read them when I have time. When I open them I find something new and interesting. Not only do they offer helpful information, but show me how to make it practical in my life.

Before enrolling in these theology courses, I tried to serve our Lord faithfully, but I didn’t spend much time with him in prayer or reading my Bible. But after attending these lessons, I discovered that it is vital to spend time with our God, and now I make it a regular practice to enjoy him more.

In Ron’s book The Way to Intimacy, I really enjoy the chapters on prayer, meditation, and simplicity, but I especially like the chapter on solitude and silence because it taught me how to listen to God. Thank you very much for these lessons and Ron’s book!

– Nadia Losko

Friends, Nadia is a typical theology student. Many of these Christians are beautiful people who have a sincere love for Jesus, but they need to grow in their knowledge and depth of relationship with him. Week by week and month by month, God is graciously using our courses to transform lives and build strong disciples who passionately love their Savior even more after taking our courses.

Please pray that all of our students will be deeply rooted in our Lord through our books and theology courses. Our goal is to produce faithful and mature followers of our Lord Jesus!

I would also like to report that this past week we performed our first medical mission outreach. It was a grand success! I will be giving you an updates about this new outreach in January! Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and sacrificial giving. We truly “thank God” for you during this upcoming Thanksgiving season (and all year long)! Because of your help many people, like Nadia, are being transformed into mature Christians!

In Jesus’ love,
Ronald David Putnam

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